How Much does it Cost to Climb Mount Everest?

The simple and easy answer is about $49,000.00 USD per person but there are a few other choices to be made when climbing Mount Everest and each has different cost consequences for the climbers to attempt the Mt.Everest (8848.86m):

However, attempting Everest from Southside is easier than Northside as well as it is a little cheaper climbing from the north side in Tibet. The south slope is on the Nepal side.

If you joining on this expedition with a local expedition company then the cost is cheaper than a Western guide or company. Local Sherpa expedition guide is technically more experienced and qualified than western since they are from the same origin,

How much does it cost for the bottled of Oxygen to buy

The vast majority of oxygen bottled will be used during your period of the expedition, However, one bottle costs around $465.00, and most clients use seven on a standard expedition from the beginning phase of the climbing.


If you are interested in climbing the Everest from the southside- For the south side, the price with a Western guiding company can be charged as much as $98,000 USD per person for a standard trip including the standards services and the local companies might have been offering $45000 per person including all the standard services as the western one.

Does your Local Sherpa Guide Speak English?

The answer is yes, most of the Local sherpa climbing guides do speak good English, language plays a vital role when you are climbing, the communications between climbers and guide must be quite frequent while ascending and descending, there are some critical issues have had happened several for severing times before due to the lack of communications and stuff.


To issue your climbing or Peak permit costs are $11,000 per climber for the pre-monsoon season on the south side of Everest. This is a fixed royalty charge of the Nepal Government with all applicable taxes.


Hope it helps, if you are planning to summit Mount Everest the feel free to contact us for a special offer with special price offer!

A leading Himalayan trekking and tour specialists! A awarded and fully trusted company by Lonely planet &Tripadvisor

A leading Himalayan trekking and tour specialists! A awarded and fully trusted company by Lonely planet &Tripadvisor